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Revival life is to:

Live in the Spirit of the Word and and His Anointing. It is to abide under the shadow of His wings (Psalms 91:1)

But how do we live a REVIVAL-LIFE or as I call it, a GOD-CULTURE?


Atmosphere is INFLUENCES.

ATMOSPHERE SUSTAINED results in a CLIMATE which determine CULTURE. CULTURES influence mindsets and the type of conversations. Conversations not only reflect mindset but also affect mindset. All these put together creates the type atmosphere and a sustained atmosphere creates a culture.

In cold climates like the Antarctic, people there wear clothing that keep them warm and they practice a certain type of lifestyle shaped by the weather (atmosphere) and climate of that region. They do things within the limits of their atmosphere and climate they live in.

Climate is the long-term pattern of the weather in a particular area. Climate is the average measurements of temperature, wind, humidity, snow, and rain in a place over the course of years. The spiritual aspect of what spiritual Climate, would be the measure of the kind of language and mindset entertained, the type of words spoken, the environment, the disciplines encouraged, the level of knowledge entertained and the attitudes and habits formed and the relationships built around all the above factors. These are expressed over a period of time and thus establish what a person's spiritual climate and atmosphere is.

CREATING AN ATMOSPHERE is the key for a continuous experience of Rivers of wholeness and abundance In the Holy Ghost amidst trials, tribulations, persecution, criticism, evil intentions. Psalms 91 is proof of this. You will flourish where you have made God your habitation.


The HOLY SPIRIT CLIMATE comes from HOLY SPIRIT WEATHER, which is: Word, Worship, Prayer, Prophecy, Psalms, Hymn, Heavenly songs, Glory Encounters, Godly conversations, Fasting. These are what create an ATMOSPHERE for God to make His habitation and abide our midst.

A HOLY GHOST ATMOSPHERE sustained over a prolonged period of time becomes A HOLY GHOST CLIMATE. And a Holy Ghost Climate is what influences A HOLY GHOST CULTURE.

So when I say, GOD-CULTURE I am referring to those who live in a GOD-CLIMATE, with a GOD-WEATHER or GOD-ATMOSPHERE.

Atmosphere is influence

Compare the atmosphere and climate of a person living in the Jungles of Papua New Guinea to a person living in a hut in the Antarctic. Very different. Compare the atmosphere and climate of a night club, and the atmosphere and climate of a Holy Ghost Meeting. They are different. 

Which brings me to this important question. What is the weather (atmosphere) you are creating over your life?

Whatever atmosphere that you currently entertain is the atmosphere influenced by the way you live, speak and think.

Do you have a GOD-CULTURE and are you living under a HOLY GHOST ATMOSPHERE?

Remember atmosphere is influence. 

🌿Pastor Norman Sabadi

The Place Where He Speaks

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