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How to become a successful Writer and Author

Updated: Feb 10

I think writing Blogs help writers/Authors connect more with their readers. Readers love a good read. Blogs are like the outside of a book that reveal what's on the inside of that book. What do you think?

Then there's the art of creating videos for social media. The story telling part is fundamentally the most important and needs to be engaging for the viewer. In the same vein of thought: THE READER thinks the same way.

How you open a discussion, and how you carry the discussion through, and the pay off or incentive you offer for the reader at the end, is what separates those trying but not succeeding and those thriving because they adjusted to what the reader or viewer wants. This is by far the biggest factor about how well known you become and how findable you are (another whole subject of its own).

We write for our target audience. The same is with videos. We create videos for the target audience. Therefore, the way we create a Title and Subtitle of the Book should be clearly conveyed to the target audience. If a reader looks at your book at first glance they should in those first few seconds be able to understand what your book is all about. If you don't pass the cover test, you won't be discoverable nor shareable. While on that, your cover, your content and your blurb must all agree with the theme or main direction of your book. Disjointedness is a put off for readers.

I mentioned findability and discoverability. You must be bold and audacious and deliberate in getting out there and making yourself known. If you have fulfilled the above requirements, then becoming 'viral', that is, discoverable, comes from those who have enjoyed your content and go out of their way to share it.

As a writer and author, it is important to grasp quickly that the psychology of your target audience thinks, is the deciding factor to whether your become discoverable or not. Adjust your efforts to understanding the your audience, and the needs of your audience, and I can confidently say, "You will be a successful author and writer."

If you understand the essence of what I shared, then you are already on the right path towards making it BIG.

All the best in your journey.

For your purpose and growth ✨

🌿Norman Morea Trent Sabadi

-- Tell Your Story--

Pastor, Motivational Speaker & Author

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