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Jude 1:20-21

But ye, beloved, BUILDING UP YOURSELVES on your most holy faith, PRAYING IN THE HOLY GHOST, Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

When the words, 'unceasing prayer' is mentioned, immediately I think of Jude 1 about 'Praying in the Holy Ghost.' I think of a persistent prayer life and one that will not let up until God answers. I think about when Heaven participates in bringing supernatural results that came from Holy Spirit led prayers. When I hear the words, 'Unceasing prayers' I also think about the way the early Church functioned.

Unceasing prayers were made for the Apostle Peter when he was bound in prison. And the Lord sent His angel to bring Peter out of the prison. Peter was supernaturally delivered; he walked straight passed the prison guards and none of them saw him (Acts 12:1-19).

There's a key component to this miracle, that as soon as the Church heard that Peter was locked up in prison, the saints immediately went into unceasing prayers. As I put it, the Church, not only took the request to God, but took the plan to deliver Peter into the realm of the spirit, and entered an elevated strategy let by the Spirit, to deal with strongholds that were standing against the Church and against the Will of God for the Church.

Acts 12:5

Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the Church unto God for him.

Unceasing prayer is elevated action by the saints and this type of posture brings immediate results. Do you want immediate results? Adopt the attitude of praying in the Spirit, and praying until a result comes.

Provision is available to the one who yields to God in unceasing prayer.

The Church's attitude and immediate response to deploy unceasing prayers became the vehicle that allowed Heaven to step in and bring the deliverance and breakthrough that the Church was seeking.

Praying in the Spirit is a powerful part of our lives as believers. As those called to walk with the Holy Spirit, our life in God is enriched by our continuous communion with God. Prayer is talking with God. It is to have a conversation with God. In prayer, God also speaks to us.

Our prayer life, give us access to the things of God made available to us by the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is the weapon that invades the enemy's territory and makes a path for His chosen and anointed; the Saints. Praying in the Spirit, exposes the enemy and overcome the powers of darkness. Unceasing prayer, is prayer led and stirred up by the Holy Spirit in us. We are led through our obedience to pray in the Spirit and this yields an abundance good things in our lives.

Holy Ghost appointments also come from an unceasing prayer life.

It is also important to know that obedience and sensitiveness to the things of the Spirit is cultivated in a praying Church.

 Obedience and sensitiveness to the things of the Spirit is cultivated in a praying Church.

A praying Church is a Church that digs deeps wells in God. Their worship is deep as the wells they discover. A Church that moves forward, and grows is one that has chosen to move with the Holy Ghost in obedience and submission to the Spirit's directives. A healthy Glory-encountering Church has a number of attributes. One of them is raising a people who know the power of unceasing Holy-Ghost filled prayers.

When you pray in an unceasing and dedicated manner, you give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to shape and mould good things into your life and also influence the atmosphere you live under. That precious time of devoted, focused, soaking bears fruit in the Spirit of Christ in such a powerful way, it surpasses normal solutions. Because unceasing prayer taps into the realm of miracles.

Prayer engages the Supernatural Power of God

I love when prayer goes beyond uttering words, and become a stream of living waters in the heart that hears the Voice of the Lord. When prayer becomes a real and sweet experience it becomes intimate worship.

It is in that place where the Spirit of Revelation speaks and His Word becomes full and overflowing in us who behold His Presence because we want devotion with Him. That same Spirit of Revelation becomes the Spirit of Prophecy to speak mighty things over our lives. And His is Word burns intensely in the one who has gone to the deep of God in unceasing fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Place of Unceasing Prayer is Power with God

A praying Church must also be a Church that knows how surrender to the Holy Ghost. You cannot claim to have a posture of unceasing prayer and show no fruits. When a Christian taps into the unlimited flow of the Holy Spirit, the Life of the Spirit becomes alive in them and quickens them to heightened levels sensitivity and obedience in God. The praying saints are elevated to see the God of miracles do mighty things. The Place of unceasing prayer is Power with God.

To conclude, there is no Revival without fellowship in the Holy Spirit. Unceasing Prayer leads to deep places of unbroken worship in God.Our communion with the Spirit is 'the fire of fellowship' that burns in our hearts. We are on fire all the time because we are continuously living in the Fire of the Holy Ghost.

So my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I encourage you to stir up the Spirit of unceasing prayers by praying in the Holy Ghost as your pursue of Jesus in your life.

✨🌿Norman Sabadi

Apostle and Pastor


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