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Updated: Feb 10

I must admit that it's pretty easy to judge any book by its cover. 

When you first meet someone or first hear them speak, they may come across to you as inviting or weird. They may have said something that either inspired you, raised warning signals, or offended you immediately. 

I am a cautious person by nature, and at the same time very courteous because of my own walk in God. But I can sniff something already before I shake a person's hand. That is of course, a discernment gift from the Holy Spirit.

"Discernment sniffs out reputation."

Indeed, some people's reputation precedes them. I personally believe I have none to list to my rapport. My internal dialogue shouts my infamy more than my notability. I am ashamed of my sinful self and so, I bring wretchedness to the Cross of Christ daily. I prefer to be a nobody, except to be known as one who has found himself in Christ. I would rather Jesus be exalted and none of me. As John the Baptist said it, "That Christ should increase and I must decrease." That is my place and I want to give myself completely to Christ.

But I speak this thoughts for all true Believers. That attitude, is for you, if you also claim to be in Christ. Consider, that I am an open book and you too are also an open book. 

Personally, I don't think I am that interesting. And although, I may not be the most interesting book, I have values that set me apart. I have intentions that define me and I have experiences that have shaped and moulded my thinking.

I am using me as an example here for your sake.

My desire here, is and has always been to reveal Christ. But unless you've heard something about me, which may be too telling and may infer that I am not actually who I make myself to be, then you are most welcome to satisfy your curiosity. Sure, if you must confirm the tale that reached your ears with eagerness. 

But before you do, might I politely give you wise counsel, that, even twisted news makes a great storyline for rumours and gossip, and tickles the ears' likings with unholy chatter that lead to more strife and tangling commotions. Why, as Christians, do we think that this is a normal thing for us and therefore an acceptable practice in our midst? Such contradictions do not desire the life that is in the Spirit. Rather they pursue strife more than Christ.

Strife or Christ?

That is the question I present you. What is your heart's intent?

The Bible Says, "Perfect Love covers the multitude of sins (1 Corinthians 13)." Thus, neither do I make my judgements of you. That this not my disposition or calling. I desire not to offend you at all. And I choose to be at peace with all man. Why this posture? Because I know my calling. My true calling is to host and reveal the Presence of God and to teach and mentor the Body of Christ about the Glory and Presence of God. My calling is to build and sharpen you.

I know sometimes that will offend you, but I mean it for your good and progress and not for your discouragement. I would rather you prosper in your soul, mind, body, and spirit. That is my greatest delight for you, because I know your inner prosperity is your MANIFESTED PROSPERITY.

But be WARNED! There are contenders here that stands against the Saints, desiring that the Presence of God be a foreign thing to you. There are demonic forces at work to spread lies to you. These are the arrows that are shot at you every day (Psalms 91). They desire that your mind be reprobate and not renewed.

As a side note, may I further the discussion and say that any ill-conceived picture of any Saint could be an arrow of demons. It can make you cease from praying for the Saints, and become in you an effective filter for prejudiced thinking. The lies you were told will suppress the Truth and make it hard for you to perceive the genuine work of God. The Spirit does not work with prejudice. For He is the Spirit of Liberty, Truth, Love, and Forgiveness and Mercy.

And, I have never seen the spirit of bitterness excel or promote anyone. I have only seen it destroy many. Believing a lie about God's servants may inadvertently cause you great hindrance rather than progress. 

While on this subject, here is a bonus principle you want to adopt in your life. I have seen some fail to discern the opportunity to honour a man or woman of God. But there is great blessing that follows those who recognise God in a man or woman. Notice, I said , 'recognise God.' Sure, we can honour a Pastor and settle only with that, but I am referring to someone more greater than man. That someone is GOD! 

Now back to my train of thought.

GOD is true strength but the strength of man can fail. And sometimes, as Saints, we have a slip of the tongue and say the wrong things. That may be a genuine error. But it's when that error is taken and used as a weapon of accusation against the Saints of God. Now, I see satan causing Saints to fight against one another over issues we can't even solve with godly counsel. Are we like the world now? But, 'accusation' has no room for Godly counsel. I fear greatly for the one who attempts this mindless suicidal mission. It is recklessness and absurdity of the highest level. Are we not afraid of God?

But let us consider our brothers and sisters above ourselves.

Let us consider the ways of Christ more than the ways of strife.

It triggers nagging questions: where is your heart in the Will of God? Do you seek peace, or to destroy the Saints of God? Are you for unity or division?

Is it strife or Christ?

You might prefer your counsel more than mine, and be inclined to choose a cynical response by persecuting other Saints, thinking that approach is helping the Body of Christ in someway. But the real truth is, it's causing more harm than good. Destruction is the bread of thieves but true Heavenly abundance comes from following the GOOD SHEPHERD.

"Division is not the way of the Spirit." 

Haven't you read Psalms 133? Unity is the Mark of those who are in God.

To what end would you desire therefore, by putting all your energy into paralysing and degrading others? But did you consider that they are acceptable in God's eyes, but not yours? Yes, I said it! The adulterous woman was forgiven and accepted in God's eyes, then why not yours?  

If the unmarried man or woman who lives Godly before God and is accepted in God's eyes, then why not yours?

If the thief who has repented of their ways, is accepted in God's eyes, then why not yours?

But if we lack the knowledge and understanding to judge correctly, we will also lack the insight to be open to the things of the Spirit.

Our 'filtered law' of holiness has no place in God. This corruption of thinking is a defender of a false gospel that is not of God: blinded by a form of godliness, and void of a true walk with God. I am concerned, that you have denied yourself the blessing of being a true seeker of growth in the Spirit. I am concerned that you do not truly know God and the Love of God. I am concerned that you are void of the directions and impressions of the Holy Spirit.

But all who follow Christ are being perfected. Need I say more? That is our true call and place in God. Our pilgrimage is to the MOUNTAIN TOP OF GOD, where HOLINESS MEETS OUR HUMILITY, AND GLORY ABIDES WITH OUR SURRENDERED HEARTS. That, my friends, is true excellence and wonder. That is where the Power of God abides upon the Saints. For we have come to that Holy Mountain of Witness and to the Lord God who has called us to His holiness.

It encourages me to say, "The more we know of the ways of the Holy Spirit, the more like Christ we become."

And Godly fear is reverence towards God. But ungodly fear is bondage of the soul. Evil seeks to exalt this ungodly fear with doctrines of bondage and restrictions imposed by man and not God. These lies cripple good intentions, stifle progress and discourage growth towards God. 'Fear unto bondage' is a horrible monger, an advocate of lies, and a cruel master of infliction.

On another point, I, personally find it difficult to level with what many Christians call worship but it is what I call, 'On the surface' (surface-worship). 

"Ignorance settles with processes but relationship seeks encounter."

This surface-worship is to me, a quasi-deep spirituality with no true pursuit of God. It is a fantasy that may hold no true pursuit for God. Then there are fanatics of God, who still have no grasp on the ways of Christ. They are shallow in their walk and therefore full of the noise that calls for division rather than unity. They come with their idea of God but are not willing to be moulded by the God of 'Transformation.' 

"True Transformation lies in your journey with the Spirit of Christ. Trust Him as your Leader, Counsellor and Shepherds today."

I don't mean to offend you here. This, I think, may work against me, as an over-thinker, and to a degree, a hardline Holy Spirit fundamentalist. I am given to be broken before God in my imperfections than to be given to pretentiousness. I refuse to be a lying fool. I want God more than me. Because I know, a two-faced Christian is not a Christian at all. They are wolves in sheep's skin.

In conclusion, I am the kind that proves the reality of the Truths of the Spirit and the Word, and not one who settles with a pseudo-message: carrying no degree of Power in God. I am not interested in powerlessness. I cannot see a life without God. That is vain glory. The only reason that gives me credibility to speak this way is because of my encounters with the Lord God of Glory. I have experienced the power of the breaking of Gethsemane and also the transformation of the Burning Bush.

Therefore, I am not afraid to speak this priceless truth: I too have been broken before the Living God and I choose to remain broken before Him who is my perfection. I prefer His ways above mine. I cannot deny the Truth, that God has set me ablaze and drenched me deep in His Love, Power and Glory. He has prepared me and sent me with a mighty word as His Witness, to preach His Gospel of PEACE and POWER. For the magnificence of His Divine Mandate has totally clothed my being with His mighty Mantle. The Zeal of the Lord has gripped my spirit (Jeremiah 20:9).

I choose CHRIST and not strife. Will you also choose Christ with me?

Christ, is the focus and intent of my speech. I am urged by the Spirit to ask you to seek Christ and not strife. For the strife of man must give way to His wonder working Power, that Glorious life that overflows from The Spirit of God.

🌿✨Norman Morea Trent Sabadi

Apostle and Pastor of The Place Where He Speaks.

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