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✨- From my journal -✨

🌿Apostle and Pastor Norman Sabadi



Your spiritual positioning is the anointing, authority and influence you carry in God. It is Christ-focused and Spirit-led.

There is a difference between man appointed positions and God appointed positions.

One may lay claim to a position but it is the Lord's appointment and anointing that establishes their true POSITION AND POSITIONING. True positioning comes from God. And with it the Anointing to carry the appointed mandate and the Authority to fulfil that mandate.

Your spiritual positioning comes from your Holy Spirit ordination and PREPARATION, instigated and led by the Holy Spirit Himself. IN THE PREPARATION IS THE MOULDING. This moulding is the key to establishing a mighty work of God in you and through you.

You cannot have His Spiritual positioning and placement without His governance in your life.

You are able to grow much when you yield much.

You grow until the room that accommodates the message you carry becomes too small for what's inside of you. You outgrow your current placement and are promoted by your discipline to fully follow and trust the Holy Spirit's leadership. When you are there, that's when you come into an understanding that He is all you need for your God-assignment.

When you are there, you understand that your spiritual positioning comes from your ordained placement assigned by God and its effectiveness flows from your humility and complete obedience to His Voice. You then understand that your worship posture before God is power with Him.

Your worship posture before God is power with Him

For me personally, that journey has not been easy. I thank God that He chose it that way because I now see why. I have sat on the other side of that view for quite a long time now, and to a certain degree I still am in the eyes of other ministers. Let me explain.

I know that I am looked at as just a person and a number, a nobody and a wanna be. I am looked at as one seeking attention, and to a certain extent, a rogue minister with ill intentions. I perceive the thoughts of the Naysayers but that doesn't affect me.

It is quite sad isn't it? That the Body of Christ is in an unhealthy culture spiralling downward to destruction. We have been seduced by slander and driven by self ambitions. We have come under the power of a culture that seeks to please man more than please God. And with it, a blindness and pride that cannot perceive God's correction. This is grievous and hurtful, coming from those who are supposed to love you and accept you as Christ would rather have all of us do.

And although my place as a minister in the Body of Christ has been acknowledged by many, at the same time it has not yet fully been recognised by other ministers also. These are the ones I am referring to. They say they love one another but they have more snob in them than the salt of Christ.

I am actually more concerned for them than for me because I know if I don't say anything soon, they will continue to think ill of me and it will only cause their hearts to be in more strife. I must speak up. I must help them understand what God wants for them.

I realise they may never fully grasp the God-Mandate for the Body of Christ, but I will be faithful to God regardless, because He is faithful to me. I know in due time God will allow them to see it eventually. I speak honestly, maybe not only for myself but for many other saints called to carry something special from the Lord.

I have drawn a true statement from this experience though, "...That we have grown because we leaned into the guidance of the Spirit and we have become louder in the things of God, even through the persecution, the slander, the misunderstandings and the toil. By the Power of the Spirit, we outgrew false expections and broke through the suppression of the enemy." These may not be easy words to cogitate, especially for ministers, who are called by a mighty ANOINTING that has marked them out. Yet, if you press through the fire, the blessing and favour that come with the SPIRITUAL POSITIONING is far more greater than the persecution and suppression from the enemy.

I love what is happening to me in this season of my life. The more I have grown in the Lord, the more I have understood, and the more I have understood, the more bold I have become. My confidence is in the Moving of the Spirit. I have come to know more of Him in me and more of me in Him. I operate from a place of 'rest' and not from a place of 'strife' because I have come to understand that my spiritual positioning, Anointing and authority is from God and grounded in Him. I now fully understand the ministry assigned to me for the Body of Christ.

I now understand why David was totally READY to confront and bring down Goliath as if it was an easy thing to do. The truth was, the matter was easier in his heart and mind because of the hand of the Spirit upon him. It was the Spirit of God that made David aware of this. Although everyone else couldn't see it, it was important that David saw it. He had insight that came from His spiritual positioning in God. He was built and trained for that moment through hardship and trials and He understood the anointing of God upon His life. David had gone through the moulding that had prepared him to overcome and slay powerful forces. If he could take down a lion and a bear, surely this giant was no match for him.

And his confidence was seen as arrogance. This is where I am at. David was bold to tell King Saul, he slayed a lion and a bear and he will slay this giant.

When you understand your spiritual positioning, your confidence may be read wrongly by your critiques but your testimony never lies.

So don't be weary about the fire of persecution. You may be misunderstood and rejected but stand your post. The seeker-friendly spirit doesn't like you pursuing the moving of the Spirit but don't give up on holding up the rod of God, which is your posture before the Lord.

Know this, that the fire you are currently going through is to mould and build in you:

•spiritual maturity,



•a contrite spirit,

• and a complete understanding that it is the leadership of the Holy Spirit that influences your spiritual positioning in God.

Only the humble and contrite will see this truth with open eyes because their hearts are open to the working of the Spirit.

There is much to say but I want to end this discussion with a special thought. In my recently published book, CHOSEN TO CARRY THE GLORY-CARRY THE FIRE OF JESUS, I concluded it with what I call, 'THE REVIVALIST'S CREED.'

I hope this encourages you and gives you insight for your own journey in the Lord and allow you to understand your spiritual positioning in God. You matter in God's eyes and you are loved by the Lord:


The platform assigned to me is not one of ambition but of Heavenly Commission. It was born out of the Fire of God. It was the Holy One who called me, and I am glad I responded--Now I burn with His Fire in my bones. The Glory is His, I am only His vessel. It is not of earthly conquest but of His Holy Anointing. It has nothing to do with worldly pursuits but one completely filled with the Glory and Passion of Yahweh: Clothed with the Zeal of the Most High God (Galatians 1:11-22/ Philippians 3:7-14). For this Cause came I unto this hour: that the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ may be revealed through my earthen vessel."

The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Power of His Holy Spirit be with each of you, my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.

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