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Norman Sabadi

My Gift is the Message Within



I am more interested in the transformation you experience.


I am more interested in what you become. For you to be more, so that you can do more and evidently experience and have more.


Nothing is as powerful and life-changing as the moment you experience your own epiphany and begin to express the full potential that already exists in you.


Do you want to become a VALUE MAGNET that attracts every good thing God has ordained for you?


Do you want to discover the calling in your life? I’ve got you, my friend. I was born to do this, to walk right beside you as a mentor, a father, a coach, a motivator, and an encourager.


My CALL and MISSION point to only one thing. To TELL YOU MY STORY; the Power of the Witness of the Word I carry within, so that you can find your true self by also TELLING YOUR OWN STORY. 




You too can be a part of the family and community of powerful individuals, who are just like you and me. It is my greatest joy to have you on board. Welcome to the family of GREATS. 

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