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Visionary Pastors and Leaders have a prophetic edge to them. If they are not called to be prophets, they will have a unique prophetic gift to be able to see what the Prophets see.

They are visionaries in such a way that they know how to build and are led by the Lord to be build.

Many builders are drawn to the anointing and spirit they carry. They know how to build because God is stirring their hearts to build. They are able impart in such a deep and profound way.

There are pastors made by man for man. But there are pastors made by God for man.

Visionary Pastors carry the ability to see even delicately what God sees.

They will have agreement with the prophets, evangelists, apostles, other pastors, and teachers, because they carry God's heart for the people.

The emphasis of what they teach is what the Church is encouraged to lean into, and be fed with.

These visionary ministers have also gone through a certain moulding to be where they are. Usually the journey has not been an easy one for them. The testimonies from their life stories are full of lessons to learn: very deep and enriching.

There is a special trait about them. They can sit with other ministers and both receive and impart from the pureness and trueness of their hearts.

They are able to see the plan of God and get behind it. They are a great encouragement to the Church because the Grace of God upon them is God's strength and tenderness manifested through them.

From my journal

 Pastor Norman Sabadi

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